Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ford Adds 38 Parts to Truckload Program - FenderBender - May 2013 - United States

Ford Adds 38 Parts to Truckload Program

May 1, 2013—Ford’s Customer Service Division has added 38 new parts to its Collision Parts Truckload Program, the company announced Wednesday.
Ford’s Collision Parts Truckload Program currently covers several types of replacement parts, including bumper fascias, steel bumpers, bumper bars, exterior lighting, mirrors, radiators, wheels, header panels, grilles, GORs, GOPs, isolators, impact pads, shafts and valances.
The 38 new part additions include eight tail lamps, six mirrors, two headlamps, four valances, four wheels, four grilles, three isolators, three bumper fascias, two parking lamps, one radiator, and one bumper bracket.
More than 460 high-volume collision replacement parts are now available through the program.
Ford said its Collision Parts Truckload Program is playing a key role in helping collision shops deliver quality, cost-effective repairs to customers. By offering Ford and Lincoln wholesaling dealers competitive prices on bulk purchases of high-volume collision parts, Ford said the program allows them to effectively compete against non-OEM copy parts and other parts specified by insurance customers.
“The truckload program started 2013 with great sales momentum, after completing a record 2012,” said George Gilbert, Collision Parts Truckload Program manager for Ford. “We’re competitive with the aftermarket imitation parts, which means more vehicles can be repaired with the parts that were exclusively engineered for their specific vehicle’s make and model—just as the original part was.”