Monday, October 1, 2018

Freight policies and Discounts

Hello Folks, if you have noticed in that last several months the fuel prices have increased again about 30% from this time last year. The fuel increased last year by 20% as well. So many of my dealers are having to increase that order totals for free freight. Many imports are asking now that you pay freight. But not all. When you purchase please ask at this time what the freight policy is. You may be pleasantly surprised. If you a body shop, you can write up a supplement to the invoice or just add the shipping costs to the supplement that each job seams to have attached now. Again, we thank you for your patronage and please continue to mention NMG because we are a commissioned business.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


All New! No Fee Nissan Repair Hotline When you are unsure how to fix it, give us a call at: 1.855.828.4018

If you are pressed for time on a tough vehicle problem, we have a friendly team of ASE Master, 
L 1 Nissan Repair Specialists dedicated to help 
you find your fix. 

Our experts have taken millions of calls on all 
kinds of vehicle issues. A repair that might be 
new to you, has probably been seen before and the research has been done to find the right fix, saving you time and frustration1 

Call Us When ... 
1. The Usual Suspects Aren't The Problem 
We can pick up where your initial testing leaves off. 
2. You Need A Trusted Second Opinion 
When you need to be sure-especially before installing a costly part.
3. You Don't Want To Turn Away A Job 
Be an expert on any Nissan vehicle and be a hero to your customers.

How It Works ... 
Call toll-free at 1.855.828.4018, M-F, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST. 
Listen to the menu and press 3 for the Repair Hotline. A 
technical support hotline dispatch associate will ask you for the following: 
- VIN#, Vehicle mileage
- Year, make, model and engine (if you don't have the VIN#) 
- A brief description of the vehicle problem

A Nissan Repair Specialist will call you back to work through your issue. 
Call 1.855.828.4018 And Find Your Next Fix Faster 
Nissan Repair Hotline Powered by ldentifix 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January and February MB parts Specials

Hello All, here is this months and February's parts specials for Mercedes Benz. Plus keep in mind that Glass for the Mercedes Benz is always on sales for 30% off list.