Monday, March 10, 2014

More OE Parts to change image as well as adding brands.

You spoke … we listened!
Coming in 2014: MORE will be replaced with RepairLink Shop.

RepairLink Shop coming in 2014

  • Same great functionality as MORE
  • Expanded catalogs for All Makes
  • Improved Parts Ordering Functionality
  • Redesigned to be easier to use


What is the new Web address?
You are on it now. Bookmark this page and you will be ready to go when we launch RepairLink Shop.

Will I have to Register?

No. Your user name and password for MORE will be your username and password in RepairLink Shop.
Write down you user name and password on this card so you have it when RepairLink Shop is open for business.

I'm used to MORE. How hard will it be to learn the new system?

We have worked with users and been listening to your feedback. RepairLink Shop is designed to be easier to use than MORE.
We will also set up Webinars for anyone that would like training on the new application. You will be contacted when we have dates for you to sign up.

What will happen to the dealers I already have set up?

The dealers you have set up, and your preferences, will be carried over to RepairLink Shop. You can set up new dealers the same way you set up your current dealers for the new OEMs.

What happens to my existing orders?

Nothing, all of your current orders will still be accessible in RepairLink Shop. They will be easier to monitor and will be automatically archived after 60 days to help keep you order screen manageable and fast loading.

What happens to my saved carts?

Saved carts from MORE will not be accessible in RepairLink Shop. You will be able to access MORE for a short time while you transition to RepairLink Shop.

Will I be able to place orders through Mitchell1?

You will be able to continue to use MORE to place orders through Mitchell1. RepairLink Shop will not be configured at launch but we will be working to integrate as quickly as possible.
We will contact Mitchell1 users and work with you to transition to the new application when it is ready.

What OEM catalogs will be supported?

We are working hard to sign up as many dealers as we can. We will work with you and the dealers in your area so RepairLink Shop can provide a one stop shop for all your OE parts.
Please take this survey and let us know the dealers you would like to see on RepairLink.

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